To empower the next generation of change-makers

The university campuses need new Jewish leaders. We aim to cultivate strong and proud Jewish students to be activists for Israel on their college campuses. Ultimately, we strive to inspire innovative, passionate, and thoughtful students with practical skills to face the growing challenges facing the Jewish people today. The documented upsurge in anti-Israel activity on college campuses demands ambitious and original leaders who will create novel ventures that tackle these challenges and inspire Jews. Today, we need you to be a change-maker in your community.

Core18 Values:

Authentic leadership starts on the inside - we act because we care.
Israel: A Light Unto the Nations - inspiring Jewish activism to heal a fractured world.
Success comes from thinking big, taking risks and learning from mistakes.
Taking responsibility is an opportunity, not a burden.
Ongoing learning and dedication are key to effective leadership.
Everyone has a unique purpose; the world is waiting for you to reveal yours.