Alumni 2015


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Alyson Dennis

Barnard College

Alyson graduated David Posnack Jewish Day School and is currently attending Barnard College. Alyson decided to spend a gap year in Israel to learn and explore our Jewish homeland and solidify her connection to Judaism. Alyson was the editor-in-chief of her high school’s newspaper and was a member of her school’s Israel Advocacy Club and a participant in Model UN. She was the vice president of the Tenn Board of the Jewish Family Services of Broward County and held various positions on Student Government. Alyson is a member of the National Honors Society and played basketball in high school.

Amelia Abemayor

University of Delaware

Amelia graduated from Horace Greeley High School and is currently attending the University of Delaware. Having a strong sense of Jewish pride is one of the reasons Amelia decided to come to Israel for the first time in her life last year. Amelia feels that Israel truly embraced the definition of a home for her while she was here. Amelia was involved in BBYO throughout all 4 years of high school and held many positions including, vice president of Judaic programming, vice president of programming for her local chapter. She also served at the regional vice president her senior year. She has been involved in AIPAC/BBYO summits throughout her time in the movement. Amelia was her yearbook editor and the staff photographer for her school magazine and has maintained an active photography blog. Amelia also served on the student council throughout her time in high school.

Anna Sirota

Binghamton University

Anna graduated from Yeshiva Atlanta High School and is currently attending Binghamton University. Anna decided to come to Israel because she have always seen Israel as her home and studying Judaism and volunteering in such a holy place was something that she was really interested in. Anna was the senior page editor of her yearbook and the senior staff write of her school newspaper. She was the manager of the student run school pay. Anna played basketball and was captain of the volleyball team as well as student council grade president for 2 years. Anna was also a member of peer leadership where she mentored new freshman and was a member of Israel Advocacy in her high school. In addition she participated in NCSY, and Friendship Circle.

Brandon Less

Brandeis University

Brandon grew up in West Saint Paul, Minnesota where he attended Henry Sibley High School. After graduating, Brandon spent a year in Israel on the Nativ Gap Year program where he discovered the OZ Fellowship. Brandon is passionate about Israel, and passionate about peace, so he felt OZ was a terrific opportunity for him to advance his advocacy skills. Currently, Brandon attends Brandeis University, where he continues to explore his interest in the Middle East, Israel, and peace through advocacy groups and classes. At Brandeis, Brandon is also a member of a cappella group “Brandeis VoiceMale” and a brother of AEPi. He hopes to return to Israel soon to explore more of the country and pursue opportunities to study or volunteer with Israeli’s and Palestinians.

Bradley Goldman

Binghamton University

Bradley is a fun and passionate individual who will is currently attending Binghamton University. As a member of the Nativ college leadership program last year he decided that he wanted to be more involved in Israel Activism and found that Jerusalem U’s fellowship was perfect for him. He enjoyed learning and spending time with the many fellows as well as the great food. This upcoming summer Bradley will be a staff member at Camp Ramah Nyack. Bradley is dedicated to Israel and feels well equipped to stand up for her due to the relationships he has formed, the speakers he has learned from and the experiences he has had while on Nativ College Leadership Program and as a fellow.

Dalia Bauman

University of Maryland

Dalia graduated from Beth Tfiloh high school and is currently attending the University of Maryland. Dalia came to Israel to explore her connection to the land, to Judaism, and within herself. Dalia was a past participant of the Senator Ben Cardin Jewish Scholars program and learned how to to lobby Congress. She was the Vice President of Leadership for her high school's chapter of the National Honor Society. In the summer of 2013, she interned with a local county councilwoman and was a student intern for a political consulting firm named CampaignON. Dalia is also involved in AIPAC and has attended their policy conferences.

Danielle Dennis

Barnard College

Danielle graduated from David Posnack Jewish Day School and is currently attending Barnard College. Danielle came to Israel to explore her Judaism and her love for the state of Israel. Danielle was student government vice president and part of Model UN. Danielle played varsity basketball and is a member of the National Honors Society. She was part of the Jewish Family Services and AIPAC.

Emily Fischer

Chapman University

Emily graduated from Halstrom Academy and is currently attending Chapman University. She chose to take a gap year to experience a slice of the world before applying to colleges. Emily decided to take her gap year in Israel because she wanted to strengthen her understanding of and her connection to the land of her people. She participated in Jerusalem U’s Core18 Fellowship because she wanted to learn as much as she could about being a better advocate for Israel on her college campus. In high school, Emily was an avid NFTYite, Religious and Cultural Vice President of Adat Elohim Temple Youth, and the education chair of her school’s JSU club (all while performing in more shows than she can count).

Hanna Liebermann

Hendrix University

Hanna graduated from the Yavneh academy of Dallas and is currently attending Hendrix College. Hanna decided that spending a gap year in Israel was an experience she couldn't let slip by. Life had presented her with the perfect window to travel abroad, be immersed in a culture different from her own, and embark on a journey of self-discovery - all while learning and connecting with her heritage - and she jumped at the opportunity. Hanna heard the fellowship being pitched under the tagline: "The imperfect voice is better than perfect silence". She had never been one with much of a political streak, but wanted to learn more about the conflict and was already hearing about the challenges her friends on college campuses were experiencing with bearing their Zionism proudly. Hannah was a reporter and the copy editor of her high school newspaper, The Bulldog Print. She was also the Editor-in-chief of her Student Literary Journal, They Yad. Hanna was a teacher/shadow in Congregation Shearith Israel hebrew school and was involved in both Bnei Akiva and NCSY throughout high school.

Isaac Graber

Washington University in St. Louis

Isaac graduated from the Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys and is attending Brandeis University. In tenth grade, Isaac began involving himself with AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and created a club at his school where members had weekly sessions to discuss current events affecting Israel and participated in annual trips to hear from and lobby their local Congressmen. Isaac was both the founder and president of this club. After leading his school's AIPAC Club and participating in an eye opening experience on a Yachad summer program in Israel following 11th grade, Isaac was sold on spending a year in Israel after high school to build on his passion for the land and pride in his Judaism. Isaac was student council vice president in 11th grade and president in 12th. He was the leadership board vice chair for the bridge builders and part of the Baron Hirsch synagogue teen leadership council for Israel. Isaac was a counselor for Yachad and a lifeguard as well as part of the debate team. Isaac was on the bnei tzedek youth philanthropy organization leadership board. he was also the school engineering team captain and played varsity basketball and ran cross country. Isaac is a triathlete and plays guitar, he was also an actor in a school drama production.

Jenn Horowitz

Harvard University

Jenn is attending Harvard College where she plans to study in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Jenn spent last year in Israel on the Nativ College Leadership Program. Jenn became interested in Israel advocacy in high school after attending Stand With Us events in Los Angeles and the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C. Last summer she competed in the Maccabiah Games, fell in love with Israel, and promised herself she would return soon.

Joelle Reid

Kings College London

Joelle graduated from South Hampstead High School and is reading political economy at King’s College London. Joelle studied political philosophy in school, and took an interest in Jewish philosophy, which led her into research in the ancient sources of Jewish Law and compelled her to study in Israel for the year. Joelle feels that participating in the fellowship was an invaluable experience and feels more confident to speak about these issues in public and on campus. Joelle has been dancing ballet since the age of three at it has been central to her informal education. She has followed the Royal Academy of Dance’s curriculum and recently passed her final exam with merits. She danced and organized pieces in her school’s annual dance show. Joelle has also represented her school playing netball and football in inter-school tournaments and coached the junior football team. Joelle also led her school’s Target 2.0 team, this economics competition involved creating a presentation to analyse Britain's current economic status, in comparison to the rest of the world and advising on suitable monetary policy.

Julia Weiner

Harvard University

Julia graduated from Maimonides School in Boston and is staying in her city and attending Harvard. Julia came to Israel to learn Judaic studies, and switched to full time volunteering for the remainder of the year. Julia participated in the fellowship because Israel is ever increasingly important to me and she want everyone else to see why. Julia was her classes representative on student council. Julia volunteered for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind throughout most of high school, as a one on one reader in their rehab program, and in outreach. Julia was on the yachad board in her school and ran soup kitchen.

Lindsey Rubin

JTS/Columbia University

Lindsey graduated from Robinson Secondary School with an International Baccalaureate diploma. She is part of the Joint Degree Program between Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Lindsey chose to participate in the Jerusalem U Fellowship because she felt it was a unique opportunity to learn the conflict from multiple perspectives to help her better articulate her support of Israel when she return to the United States. Lindsey was involved with her high schools theatre department. She was active in her local BBYO chapter and worked as a teacher’s assistant at her synagogue's religious school. She helped her synagogue reestablish it’s USY chapter. Lindsey was an intern of the 2013 Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign and among many other things trained volunteers and assisted in putting together events.

Max Sigel

California State University of Northridge

Max graduated from Oak Park High School and is attending California State University of Northridge. Max decided to come to Israel as he has felt a deep connection and love for Israel since his first trip to Israel when he was 16 and came to Israel with USY Israel Pilgrimage. Since then Max has felt passion for all things Israeli and wanted to do his part in keeping the Jewish state alive and well. Max served as the Social Action Tikun Olam Regional Executive Board member for the Far West Region of United Synagogue Youth from 2013-2014. He is also a past chapter president of Temple Etz Chaim USY Chapter and has worked in Camp Ramah both in California and Nyack, NY.

Orit Cohen

Emory University

Orit never felt a connection to Israel, and so she came on her gap year in order to discover why she is inherently connected to Israel. When Orit learned of the JerusalemU Fellowship, she was instantly intrigued. Never would she have guessed that she would be learning how to be an active advocate for Israel. Orit thought she was simply Jewish without strong ties to Israel. Now more than ever, she knows she wants to stand up for Israel and the truth. So much is misconstrued in the United States, that she feels it is her obligation to represent Israel honestly and accurately. Although she intends on studying in America, she knows she wants to move to Israel somewhere down the line. The connection has been formed, and she cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Rachel Levin

Williams College

Rachel graduated from Orange High School in Pepper Pike, Ohio, and is attending Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Rachel came to Israel because it has always been a part of who she is and she wanted the experience of living here and not being a tourist. She wanted to be able to take time to explore Israel. Rachel played varsity field hockey in 2010-2013 and was captain of her team in 2011-2013. She also played JV/Varsity Softball in 2011-2014, and was the rank leader of the marching band in 2013. Rachel participated in the Israel Culture Club in 2010-2014 and was club president in 2013-2014. Rachel was part of the Friendship circle in 2010-2014 and Orange high school president in 2012-2013. Rachel was also part of United Synagogue Youth in 2010-2014, she was the Chapter Communications vice president in 2011-2013, and central region communications vice president in 2013-2014.

Raizy Cohen

NYU Polytechnic

Raizy graduated from the Yeshivah of Flabtush and currently attends NYU Tandon School of Engineering, where she is pursuing a dual degree in electrical and computer engineering. Raizy first got involved Jerusalem U when she spent her gap year studying in Jerusalem. In her first year of university Raizy was a CAMERA fellow, writing articles to combat media bias on campus. This year, she will be serving as the events chair for the Jewish Students' Union. Upon graduation from university, Raizy plans to move to Israel.

Rebecca Roffe

Binghamton University

Rebecca graduated from Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, Illinois and is currently attending Binghamton University. Rebecca came to Israel for a gap year at Midreshet Lindenbaum to learn more about herself, her connection to religion, Am Yisrael, the land of Israel, and the state of Israel. Through the Oz Fellowship, Rebecca learned to advocate for Israel on campus, and she meet other people who to share ideas and methods of advocating effectively with. Rebecca has been both a leader and organizer for youth groups and events in her community at home and at the Jewish community at Binghamton University.

Rebecca Schiller

CUNY - Baruch College

Rebecca graduated Yeshiva University High school for Girls and is attending Hunter College. Rebecca decided to come to Israel to learn about Judaism and Israeli culture. She decided to participate in the Oz Fellowship Program to widen her knowledge on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, and to bring her new found knowledge to Hunter College in the fall. Rebecca participated in Model UN and Model Congress as well as being part of the debate team and student government. Rebecca was the Stomp captain as well as the soccer team captain. She was also her high school yearbook editor.

Refael Hizami

CUNY - Baruch College

Refael graduated from MTA high school and is attending Baruch college. Refael came to Israel to mature and to learn more about the land of his people. He chose to join the Jerusalem U Oz fellowship because it helps me appreciate and learn about the land of Israel. Refael was the president of student council in his high school. He was a lifeguard and swim instructor as well as a waiter and councilor.

Yakira Gerszberg

University of Maryland

Yakira graduated from The Frisch School and is attending the University of Maryland. Yakira came to Israel to create a connection with the land, to learn Judaic studies, and to give back through volunteering. Yakira has been dancing for the past 5 years as an extracurricular activity. In high school she created the Oceanic Preservation Club in which she led meetings to make the participants aware of environmental issues regarding the ocean and marine life. The club ended up being the largest club in her high school with a steady 80 members on a weekly basis. Yakira was also the leader of a charity dance event held at her local JCC to raise money for different charities. The event had 16 teams compete and they raised over $4000 making it the most successful event in the 9 years it has been running.

Yosef Kessler

CUNY - Hunter - Macaulay Honors

Yosef graduated from the High School of American Studies at Lehman College, one of New York City’s prestigious specialized high schools, which emphasizes American History, and was recently ranked the number one public high school in the state. He is attending the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College. Yosef came to Israel on the Nativ College Leadership Program so he could grow as a person and cultivate his relationship with Judaism and Israel. Yosef was the varsity cross country captain and was part of the varsity track and field team. He came in 12th place in the 3000m steeplechase at the city championship. Yosef won the Myra Luftman award for most outstanding student in U.S. History class of 2013 and worked for environment new york (advocacy organization) fund raising and campaigning to close loopholes in the federal clean water act.

Zoe Robbin

Emory University

Zoe graduated from Fairfield Warde High School and is attending Emory University. Based on her passion for international relations and politics, she decided to participate in Young Judea's Year Course. Since before she came to Israel, she has been fascinated with the many components and various narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The OZ Fellowship deepened my understanding of the conflict by offering additional and more extensive views of the many different people involved. Zoe was the indoor track and field captain as well as the outdoor track and field captain. She was second stand viola of the Fairfield Warde Chamber Orchestra. Zoe interned for the First Selectman of Fairfield. Zoe was the treasurer secretary and then president of RAM BBG throughout 2011-2014. Zoe was also a varsity member on the debate team and the backpacking club leader.